Curriculum Guide

Course Overview

The Racecar Middle School (RMS) curriculum teaches 3 main areas of interest:

  1. Programming (via. Python3)

  2. Computer Vision (via. OpenCV)

  3. Robotics (via. RACECAR)

More specifically, the curriculum can be divided into 5 modules:

  • Python - teaches you how to code in python

  • Game Projects - create your own games with your newfound progamming knowledge!

  • OpenCV - introduces computer vision concepts and OpenCV functions through fun and interactive labs

  • RACECAR - gets you started on using the RACECAR platform

  • Final Challenge - gives an overview of the RACECAR final challenge

Modules 1-2 focus on learning Python, Module 3 on OpenCV, and Module 4-5 on the RACECAR.

It is recommended that you go through the modules in order. Each section builds upon knowledge learned in the previous sections (ie. OpenCV builds upon Python knowledge, and RACECAR builds upon both Python and OpenCV knowledge)

A general timeline for completing this curriculum can be found in the Schedule page.

Website Guide

  • Learn more about Racecar Middle School! What is RMS? What courses do we offer? What topics do we cover in our curriculum? What do students get out of the program? What’s the typical schedule like?

  • Includes all class materials (ie. lecture slides, labs, and kahoot review games). The materials are separated by focus topics (aka. “Modules”).

  • Get a quick review of concepts learned. I use these documents all the time too!

  • All the tutorial materials needed to setup your learning environments.

  • For even more information about RMS (ie. consolidated list of course materials, FAQ, references, contributors, etc.)

Getting Started

Head over to Module 0 Getting Started. This module will walk you through the setup and tools needed to get started on the labs.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for any questions.