Effort Lead By

Sabina Chen (@sabinach)


Special Thanks To:

  • MIT BeaverWorks Summer Institute Staff (Robert Shin, Lisa Kelley, Joel Grimm, William Barnard), for providing the opportunity, resources, and amazing support necessary to create this course;

  • Sertac Karaman, for his academic advice and support;

  • Andrew Fishberg (@fishberg), who designed and built the mini-racecar;

  • Andrew Fishberg’s Racecar Crash Course and Roxbury RMS Program, from which many of the python lectures and labs were built upon;

  • Alex Hadley (@alexhad6) and Wendy Zhang (@liliarose), for their significant contributions in building and documenting both the first-year and online course curriculums;

  • BWSI 2019 Racecar Middle School TAs (Dan Bi @wujibi123, Alex Hadley, Daniel Katz, Nishanth Mankame, Daniel Wang @danielywang, and Wendy Zhang), for their contributions in creating the in-class materials and labs, as well as their support in running the first-year summer course;

  • BWSI RMS Class of 2019, for being wonderfully enthusiastic and patient students while we were running the course for the first time!


These people have made significant contributions to Racecar Middle School:

Interested in Contributing?

The curriculum is constantly improving, and is supported by enthusiastic individuals, like you!

Interested in helping out, but not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for improving the course:
  • Answer questions on Piazza!

  • Teach/run through the course yourself, and give feedback on the labs/website!

  • Create a larger RACECAR image (32GB -> 64GB or 128 GB)

  • Utilize the Jetson Nano’s GPU more effectively (currently runs on CPU, not efficient) [in progress]

  • Upgrade router and/or wifi USB (figure out the lag issue when there are multiple routers/racecars on at the same time)

  • Upgrade controller and/or keyboard (having too many controllers/keyboards in one room at a time will cause controllers/keyboards to disconnnect and reconnect incorrectly)

  • Create labs that utilize the LiDAR! (ie. wall follower)

  • Make the mini-monitor portable!

  • Take a deep-dive into the racecar backend files, and document them!

  • Create an “instructors guide” especially for lecture materials

  • Figure out how to run opencv labs online via MyBinder. Here are some notes to get you started [in progress]

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